In our professional training and experience we have learnt that most psychological problems are a result of excessive, debilitating fear of someone or some situation, over a long period of time. Sometimes it goes as far back as early childhood. The individual may not even be aware they have a problem because they have learnt to avoid the issue, i.e. certain people, situations etc. Left unexplored the problem keeps growing until a psychological breakdown threatens, often seemingly due to an insignificant upset At this point drug therapy can help very quickly with the immediate symptoms such as low mood, panic attacks, tearfulness etc., but the actual problem can only be treated through talking therapy. One of the underlying reasons for this is because, usually,  psychological problems are a result of past difficult relationships. By entering psychological therapy the individual starts forming a longed for relationship with another person which entails trust, respect and integrity. These are some of the most essential social nutrients for healthy psychological and emotional human growth, which drug therapy alone cannot provide.


At other times it can be due to a sudden trauma i.e. physical attack, road traffic accident or injury. The individual’s unknown vulnerability is highlighted and their previous `safe` world starts to feel unsafe. The individual will need time to reflect over the event before moving on. The process is about acknowledging the loss of their once a secure world.